Content + Care instructions

`The main materials used in our jewellery are Polymer Clay  and 14k Gold-Filled Wire:

Polymer Clay is a plastic, non-toxic clay made from PVC. It is lightweight, durable and remains a bit flexible after it is baked. 

Our 14k gold-filled wire (which is used for our earrings hooks) contains brass as its core metal, but it is covered in a thick layer of 14k gold so it will not tarnish or discolour when worn daily. It is also nickel-free and perfect for those with sensitive skin. 

`We work in small batch jewellery, meaning there are limited quantities of each design, usually between 1 to 4 pairs. However, some designs may be restocked based on demand (but we love to keep it new & fresh!) 

`No two pair of earrings are the same. Each one is unique and a work of art, just like you.  

`Every item is handmade, including the earring hooks and jump rings (excluding the glass beads). Due to this, there may be slight imperfections like small air bubbles, textures or indents. However, this does not affect the overall value or durability of our jewellery. 

To keep your pieces in ~pristine~ condition:


`avoid dropping to prevent damages to the glass beads or scratches to the surface

`do not bend or bite

`store flat in a cool, dry place away from direct sun light or heat

`remove before showering or swimming

`wear your pieces after  you’ve applied perfumes, hairspray or oils 

`to clean, gently wipe down with a soft, damp cloth - use a gentle soap if needed

`rubbing alcohol can be used to disinfect the earring hooks, but avoid applying any solvents to the polymer clay



Treat them with love and they will be timeless!